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    Journals that are edited or sponsored by Gonzaga University, faculty, staff, students, departments, or centers are eligible for publication by GLP. Student-run journals must be sponsored by a GU faculty member, department, or center that is actively involved in the journal. GLP also welcomes proposals from non-profit, society-run journals, granted there is a GU affiliate with close ties to the society and the journal. (Note that in all cases, there only needs to be a GU affiliation at the onset of the publishing relationship; GLP will continue to publish the journal regardless of any changes to the editorial affiliation over time.)

    Additionally, journals must publish all new content immediately in open access and license the content under a Creative Commons Attribution license to be eligible for publication by GLP.

    Selection Criteria

    All journals must submit a proposal in order to be considered for publication by GLP. Proposals will be reviewed on an ongoing basis by the GLP Proposal Review Committee. The Committee will evaluate proposals on a combination of the factors listed below, while also taking into consideration the complexity of the journal and GLP’s capacity to support it. Not all criteria are weighted equally during the evaluation process; criteria are listed below in order of highest to lowest weight. No single factor will prevent or guarantee a proposal for selection.

    Community Value

    How does the journal offer unique value to the field, discipline, or wider community?

    Diversity & Inclusion

    How does the journal actively engage diverse voices and perspectives? (Does it solicit diverse content? Provide opportunities to underrepresented authors? Embrace a diversity of formats, forms of expertise, and/or content that fosters inclusivity? What practices does the journal employ to reduce bias in the review process?)


    How does the journal demonstrate a commitment to high quality, scholarly content? (Will it be peer reviewed? Will there be an editorial board? An advisory board?)

    GLP Mission Alignment

    How does the journal align with the Gonzaga Library Publishing Mission?


    How will the journal continue beyond the first year of publication? (What is the succession plan for the editorial team? If considering add-on services, what is the plan for financial sustainability for the journal?)

    University Impact

    How does the journal align with the Gonzaga University Strategic Plan?

    Proposal Submissions

    Proposals may be submitted at any time, but require a consultation before submission (Contact Us for a consultation). The GLP Journal Proposal Form can be downloaded below. Completed forms should be submitted via email to the Scholarly Communication Librarian.

    Journal Proposal Form

    Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the GLP Proposal Review Committee, and decision notifications will be sent by email to the journal’s primary contact. The GLP Proposal Review Committee is composed of the Dean of Library Services, Associate Dean of Scholarly Resources, Scholarly Communication Librarian, and rotating subject matter experts.